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If you didn't have time yet to try and invest in a scanner, Summertime is the best occasion to do it. The high technology for O&P is now accessible to you and all your team from 7 990€. Rodin4D gives you the opportunity to access one of his lead product: the M4D Scan. Same manufacturing, design, and efficacity with a lower price! 

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What is M4D Scan? The M4D Scan allows you to scan any part of the body while providing a comfortable, clean and safe solution for the patient and the clinician. Fast, lightweight and portable, the M4D Scan promises consistent results, no matter who is doing the scan.

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More than a brand, Rodin4D is also your partner and want to provide you all the help you need to improve your life comfort at work. Our sales representatives are available to train your teams on CAD/CAM tools while offering you personalized follow-up for each person trained. The needs are precisely studied in order to reach the realization of your objectives.

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