update neoGet ready for the new version of Neo 2018!

Neo 2018, the Rodin4D rectification software is updated and offers you new features and even more powerful tools!

Download the new version now from your interface.


The new tools of Neo 2018

Rodin4D Neo invites you to discover today its new features:


The Extrusion tool allows you to manage the tightening and to facilitate the demolding of your devices;

The Toe Box tool allows you to create a box at the end of your orthopedic boots;

The Neo software gives you easy access to CLIP, the only collaborative orthopedic platform available for all your devices : Windows, Mac, Iphone and Android.


And many more tools ... Discover today all the new features by downloading the guide of novelties


Need help ?

Feel free to consult the online help (possibilité de mettre le lien vers l’interface ?) from the Neo 2018 Online Help tab or by using the F1 key on your keyboard to view videos of demonstrations (possibilité de mettre le lien vers les vidéos de la chaîne Youtube ?) and learn how to use the new features of Neo.

Our technical and commercial team is at your disposal for any inquiry. For those who have not yet had the chance to try the Neo software, do not hesitate to contact the sales department on +33 (0) 5 56 47 77 13 or by email at info@rodin4d.com.


We wish you a good discovery!

The Rodin4D team.


Rodin4D Neo does not offer you to automatically update the software?

No worries, you can do it manually, by clicking in the Option menu on Check for updates (you must nevertheless have subscribed to the updates in 2018 to have access to the new version).
If you are unable to update, please contact the technical support on +33 (0) 5 56 47 73 54.

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