Lyon Kleber Santé Orthopaedics Rodin4D client testimonialLyon Kleber Santé

Some members of our team already had a good knowledge about CAD CAM, as they have especially used the Vorrum system since its introduction in Europe. Our management chose Rodin4D and we are actually very satisfied with it.
In comparison with competitors, the advantages of Rodin4D consist of: the existence of a location formula, the scanner can be carried easily in its briefcase, the reduced size of the files to be issued and the quality of the technical and technological support especially provided by Anthony y Anousack.  

In order to start this project up, only two months were necessary and our staff reacted positively. Currently obtained results led us to invest in complete equipment. Our need for milling machine will allow us to leap over the organizational and qualitative plan. 

Philippe Vedreine


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