Happy New Year 2017 (January 1st, 2017)

The whole team of Rodin4D wishes you a Happy New Year 2017!

New version of Neo 2016 (November 22, 2016)

A new version of Neo 2016, Rodin4D’s rectification software is now available. From today, discover Neo 2016 and all of its new functions.

Rodin4D Neo new features: Assemble two inserts (August 3, 2016)

Rodin4D Neo now has a new tool that allows to take a scan in two parts then assemble the form in Neo.

A 3D printer dedicated to O&P (June 14, 2016)

Many of you were waiting for it, and now it has finally arrived: Rodin4D has the very first 3D printer dedicated to O&P!

Rodin4d back from the OT-World Trade Show (May 26, 2016)

Great encounters, curious and interested visitors, new features which were widely acclaimed: the latest Neo tools, a new evolving machining robot and a 3D printer completely dedicated to O&P

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