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Taiwan O&P Company

We are the very first and currently the biggest orthotic service provider in Taiwan. We did some research and believed that CAD/CAM was in. So we started looking into all the CAD/CAM systems on the market a couple of years ago. And ended up purchasing the Rodin 4D.

The Rodin4D obviously is most user friendly one.  As a practitioner myself, I find it has all the functions I want to have and they are all very easy to apply when I am making modifications.

We first purchased the scanner and then had the carving mill installed a few weeks later. The whole operation was very carried out very smoothly. We paid in full for the whole system, because we believed it was worth the investment. Every one in the company was excited, cause we were the first O and  P facility that would use this hi-tech system in China. And all were willing to learn how to use as soon as it’s installed.

We are using the system every day now.  Lots of physicians and patients were satisfied with the easy-to-use applications. The results are excellent. We currently have 6 office locations. We would like to equip each office with a Rodin scanner in the near future. So all of our physicians/patients/clients can take advantage of this great equipment.

China has no such hi-tech systems yet. As a Rodin4D distributor, we are working on a marketing strategy now in hope to let all the O and P facilities know that such technology exists.  Our goal is to create a Rodin 4D network in China.

CJ Chou, Managing Director/Taiwan OnP Co.


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