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Mariani Orthopédie testimonianza Rodin4D
We considered the adoption of a CAD/ CAM system as we wanted to use a completely innovative work tool.

We also had into account the fact that this new technique is highly appreciated by our prescribers, who find it very professional and quite modern.

The project was implemented in only two months. At the beginning, the staff was a bit distrustful and skeptical. However, as it was put into practice, the CAD/CAM has shown to be an indispensable tool, especially for trunk orthosis, which is our main activity.

Thanks to Rodin4D, we achieved greater interest and acknowledgment of our prescribers and patients. The CAD/CAM provides - according to them - more professionalism and prompts them to become even more interested. As more questions are made, it is easier to make them participate in the conception of the device.

Furthermore, the CAD/CAM allowed us to gain time and precision in our work. This allows us to release time, offer higher availability to our patients and have greater comfort in the workplace everyday.

Nowadays, we are confident in developing our small structure as the CAD/CAM makes us more competitive and it should let us resist in the presence of larger companies.

Patrice Mariani


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