Frequently asked questions Rodin4D scanner

Please find here some of the main answers regarding Rodin4D scanner.



  • Is the 3D scanner laser dangerous?
The Fastscan scanner is in the least dangerous class and can even be used to scan faces.
In the USA, this 3D scanner has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and is used to scan childrens heads.

  • How long does the 3D scanner training last?
One day is enough to get a good understanding of the 3D scanner.

  • How is the scanner training organised?
Generally, training takes place on our premises, which have all the necessary equipment (training room, videoprojector etc..), and you can see a CAD/CAM system in operation when you visit our workshops.
To ensure that training sessions are personalised and truly adapted to your needs, we avoid taking more than 3 trainees at a time.

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