Pom Santé
Pom Santé

Pom Santé

Pom Santé‚ a company based in Noumea‚ manufactures tailor made devices for disabled people.
With its team of three ortho-prosthesists‚ Pom Santé has decided to go one step further and move to CAD/CAM with Rodin4D

Pom Santé in Noumea“It was the desire to progress and the possibility to offer other services to our patients and the prescriber that motivated our company’s interest in CAD/CAM.
Rodin4D has given us greater working comfort and the ability to work more tidily and faster.

Today, the results obtained by using CAD/CAM positive, except financially since I don’t have enough work to make the milling machine profitable. But, I love using the scan, the rework on the computer; we only need to take the measurements and adapt a library.

The project was implemented at their own pace: a first meeting in Leipzig in May and the system was installed in February; I find the timescale reasonable. We had a few ordeals at customs and with funding, but it was all worthwhile.

After this experience, I have high hopes in Captevia. I really hope it can help us with trauma patients and make taking measurements even more comfortable for the patient and us.”

Sébastien Lecourtier, Pom Santé Manager
Web : www.pomsante.nc

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