ITOP Rodin4D CADCAM for P&O testimonial


We started working with CAD/CAM in 1994 since we were convinced that it was a future technology for the orthopaedic industry. However, we were not completely satisfied since the software tools did not allow us to make simple and realistic corrections. Furthermore, we were obliged to purchase a “complete system” without the possibility of choosing scanners or CNC machine’s from other manufacturers with better characteristics.

So, in 2004 we started the project to find a CAD/CAM system with “independent and interchangeable modules” (scanner, CAD software and milling machine) and we purchased a laser scanner and an anthropomorphic robot. It was only in 2007 that we finally found the right CAD software which satisfied our needs: Rodin4D.

In 1994, when CAD/CAM was first introduced in our company, it was considered to be “something strange" and no-one imagined it would improve the quality and production of products. Today, it is essential for our daily activities since the software allows us to do what a CPO normally did by hand but more easily, quickly, in a repetitive manner and more accurately. What’s more, it offers the possibility to compare the results obtained on the patient over time.

Today, with our CAD/CAM system (Fastscan scanner, the Rodin4D software and the Scienza Machinale anthropomorphic robot), we produce all of our scoliosis braces (350 per year) and half of our orthotics for lower limbs (about 2000 per year). I firmly believe that with the upcoming improvements the software will become essential in all areas of our industry.

How do I see the future after testing Rodin4D? Well, I still have a lot of things to do… but now I can do them faster!

Rino Rosellini
Technical Production Manager
Research and Development Manager



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