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The Rodin4D CADCAM software allows the rectification of 3D digital forms for orthopaedic devices.

Its advantages

Specifically created for orthopaedics

  • Designed by orthoprosthetists for orthoprosthetists, it meets all the professional's needs. It is not just another piece of 3D CADCAM software for making devices.
  • Constantly evolving, Rodin4D CADCAM software is developed very rapidly, with regular releases of new versions. Rodin4D Neo is currently the latest version of the software.

Fast training

  • Two days of training are enough to master the software
  • Quickly master all functions
  • Access to self-training videos
  • Technical support


  • A body jacket can be rectified in 5 minutes.


  • It is possible to work either with a scanner 3D or by taking measurements with a slide caliper and a tape measure.

No constraints

  • Neither the method nor the process is imposed. The ortho-prosthetist is completely free to carry out the rectification as he wishes.

Screenshot Rodin4D NEO

The devices that R4D CADCAM can be used to make

  • Braces: Scoliosis braces, support braces, kyphosis braces, Minerva braces, cervical-thoracic braces
  • Orthosis for upper limbs: Elbow orthosis
  • Orthosis for lower limbs: Ankle foot orthosis, knee-ankle-foot orthosis (KAFO), hip orthosis, foot lifter orthosis, knee orthosis
  • Prosthesis: Tibial prosthesis, femoral prosthesis, forearm prosthesis, arm prosthesis, shoulder disarticulation prosthesis
  • Protection helmets and cranial orthosis (plagiocephaly)
  • Devices for multiple handicaps (seat braces, standing devices...)

The R4D CAD/CAM limits are extended, and regularly, new rectification possibilities are added to this list, following software developments and our customer’s uses.


Main features

  • Import scanned forms (STL, AOP...)
  • Libraries of pre-rectified forms
  • Import photographs, CTscan, IRM or DICOM files
  • Manage patients and scans, photographs and associated 3D forms
  • Use professional tools to clean the 3D form
  • Extensive choice of rectification tools (more than 25 different tools)
  • History of all changes
  • Import / export from and to the main industrial and orthopaedic formats
  • Print reports of the work carried out
  • Draw the trim lines and forms for machining


Import Captevia
Import Captevia

  • Import photographs from the Captevia application for iPhone and iPad
  • Detect the patient’s contours
  • Apply measurements to a 3D library of your choice

More information on Captevia

Cube for Rodin4D
CUBE by Rodin4D

Unleash your creativity with Cube, the ideal complement to Rodin4D Neo

  • Design freely with the power of Voxels (Pixels 3D)
  • Model your negative and positive forms (seats, foam beds, verticalizers...)

More information on Cube

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