CUBE by Rodin4D

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Cube by Rodin4D

CUBE is a software that gives users the freedom to rectify and design mattresses, seat braces, beds, standing devices...

Cube is the ideal complement to Rodin4D Neo: with Cube, you can easily model your positive and negative forms.

Digitize your patient

Cube operates from a patient’s scan, or a vacuum bag scan.

Rectify with Cube

  • Import scanned forms (STL)
  • Import photos
  • Cleaning the 3D form
  • Use of Voxels (3D pixels) leaving you free to design your devices
  • Modelling your negative and positive forms
  • History of modifications

Tools for the CPO

  • Inclination of the back
  • Degree of abduction
  • Pad design
  • Armrest design

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