Use the CapteviaPlus app to scan your patients with your iPad and use them easily in our rectification software.


Collect patient information and digitise parts of the human body

CapteviaPlus has been developed by Rodin4D to provide orthotists and prosthetists with an ultra-portable 3D digitisation tool. It complements the Structure Sensor Mark II mobile scanner.

Create a 3D model of your patients easily wherever you are with this simple and intuitive application. Choose the body part you wish to scan and create a 3D file. You can save files directly on your iPad with CapteviaPlus.

Don't wait any longer! Download CapteviaPlus for IOS for free onto your iPad.

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Specifically designed for taking orthopaedic measurements, the CapteviaPlus application is part of one of the most accessible digitisation solutions.

01 Portable
An ultra-portable 3D digitisation tool that allows you to create a 3D model of your patients wherever you are for the manufacture of orthotics and prosthesis.

02 Practical
Scans done using CapteviaPlus are saved directly on your iPad, into your files in CPX format. Thanks to CapteviaPlus Convert, a software that can be downloaded for free, you can convert your files into CPV, .STL and .OBJ in just a few seconds. These files are 100% compatible with rectification software Neo and Cube.

03 Secure
CapteviaPlus transfers your patients' data securely: files saved locally or in iTunes comply with the GDPR and health data protection regulations.

04 Accessible
CapteviaPlus enables orthotic and prosthetic clinics and manufacturing sites of any size to access an approved and accurate 3D digitisation solution for the human body.

How does it work?

  • Download the CapteviaPlus app from the App Store and do unlimited scans!
  • Download CapteviaPlus Convert onto your PC.
  • Purchase a CapteviaPlus Convert license to convert your CapteviaPlus scans into your preferred format (CPV, STL, or OBJ).

Download CapteviaPlus Convert Buy a CapteviaPlus Convert license

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