140 participants
from Europe and beyond

It was an international community of Rodin4D users which met for two days, from Europe (France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, England, Belgium ...) but also from Canada, the United States or Hong Kong

60% of conferences
made by our customers

More than half of the conferences held during these days were made by our customers, including two remotely via Skype. This event was yours, created by Rodin4D users for Rodin4D users

A bilingual event
French and English

Presentations of the speakers have all benefited from simultaneous translations. A way for us to allow a greater number of users to participate. Perhaps a third language in the future?

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Program of conferences

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Cube 2016 - Luc BORONAT and Rafael HERVÁS (Rodin4D, France)

Positionning of polyhandicaped patient - Xavier TRAHIN (G2M, France)

Tips and Tricks: Cube - Luc BORONAT (Rodin4D, France)

CAD/CAM possibilities with different scanning systems applied to transtibial and transfemoral prothetics - Guillaume VALLOIS (Lagarrigue Orthopédie, France)

Aqualeg Order - Rodin4D : The 2.0 CPO - Norman BODET (Aqualeg, France)

Evolution of the Structure Sensor - Nicolas BURRUS (Occipital / Structure 3D, USA)

Introduction to BraceSim - Luc BORONAT (Rodin4D, France)

Adjusting Aerospace Technology to Medical Priorities for Making New Treatments Affordable, Customized and Optimized - Thierry MARCHAL (Ansys, Belgium)

3D Biomechanics of Scoliosis Braces: the Science Behind BraceSim - Carl-Eric AUBIN (Polytechnical School of Montreal, Canada)

BraceSimClinical Assessment of Scoliosis Braces Designed with BraceSim(CAD/CAM &FEM Simulations) - Carl-Eric AUBIN (Polytechnical School of Montreal, Canada)

The BraceSim plateform - Patricia GRANDINOT (Rodin4D, France)

CAD based scoliosis braces: an improvement of standard treatments? - Jan JURKOWEIT (Storch + Beller & Co. GmbH, Germany)

Scoliosis stiffness: evaluation of volumetric correction with Rodin4D system in lateral bending test - Paolo FRASCHINI (Officine Ortopediche Bestetti, Italy)

Developing a Quality Assurance Program using BraceSim and Rodin4D Reporting - James WYNNES (Boston Brace, USA)

Gómez Orthotic Spine protocol and Brace to treat Spine deformities - Miguel GOMEZ (Gómez Orthotic, USA)

Friday, February 5, 2016

Neo 2016 - Pauline GASTON (Rodin4D, France)

Tips and Tricks: Neo - Luc BORONAT (Rodin4D, France)

Cranial orthosis produced using the Rodin4D Neo system - Julie LEDUC (CRME of CHU Sainte-Justine, Canada)

CAD/CAM and transtibial prosthesis - Dr Rémi KLOTZ (Tour de Gassie, France)

Rodin4D and the Vigo Group - Miguel VERMANDEL (Vigo, Belgium)

Digitisation using RODIN4D software, Application to hand burns - Emilie HARDY (Léon Bérard Hospital, France)

3D Printing and Brace Construction - Andreas WUERSCHING (Kuca zdravlja d.o.o. Zagreb Croatia, Croatia)

3D Printing: Rodin4D offers - Luc BORONAT (Rodin4D, France)

NEO 2016 Reporting - Pauline GASTON (Rodin4D, France)

Rectification of Sudre AFO with Rodin4D - Pierre WENTZY (Sudre Orthopédie, France)

Sailing4handicaps - Martin HALEMBA (Rodin4D, Germany)

Future developments of Neo and Cube - Luc BORONAT (Rodin4D, France)

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