A new version of Neo

13 new functions in Neo 2016.
And that’s not all!

A 3D printer dedicated to orthopaedics

Manufactured in Germany, this 3D printer can be used to produce temporary tibial and femoral prosthesis in less than 3 hours, as well as helmets and many other things...

Victor, a new machining robot

A 7 axis robot, specially developed for the production of orthosis and prosthesis. Fast and easy to use, it adapts to suit your needs and budgets.

Users Days
at Bordeaux

2 days to exchange and share information
140 participants from Europe and elsewhere
60% of conferences given by our customers’
French and English bilingual event

Further developments for Captevia

Improved accuracy
Possible to scan in real colours
Send files by Dropbox or on iTunes

International encounters

In 2016, we attended almost 15 exhibitions and congresses throughout the world. Giving us just as many opportunities to meet you and introduce you to Rodin4D.

Thank you for making 2016 so wonderful!

Are you ready for a more eventful year in 2017?
Here we go!