update neo New version of Neo 2016

A new version of Neo 2016, Rodin4D’s rectification software is now available.

From today, discover Neo 2016 and all of its new functions:

  • An insert alignment tool to scan your patients in two parts
  • A new basic tool: the curve saw to clean your forms more easily
  • An improved Radius tool with the possibility to create curve levels
  • A news page to discover our tips and tricks

As well as other improvements...

To find out more, check out the complete list of new features.

Consult the online help from the Neo 2016 "Online help" tab to watch the demonstration videos and learn how to use these new functions. The online help can also be accessed by pressing the F1 key on your keyboard.

To guide you in your first steps with Neo 2016, our technical and sales teams will be happy to answer any questions. Please contact us by mail at support@rodin4d.com or by telephone at +33 (0)5 56 47 77 13.

Enjoy discovering Neo!

Rodin4D Neo does not offer to do the update automatically? * You can update manually by clicking on “Check for updates...” in the “Options” menu
(* If you did not subscribe for updates in 2016, you will not have access to the Neo update).

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