New partnership between RODIN4D and OSIC

RODIN and OSIC have signed an industrial and commercial partnership agreement. The two partners specialising in orthopaedics have brought together the best of CAD/CAM and robotic machining to develop VICTOR, a fast and easy to use 7-axis machining robot.

"With VICTOR, we can provide a reliable turnkey solution to all our customers throughout the world" says Luc BORONAT, Managing Director of RODIN SAS, world leader in CAD/CAM for ortho-prosthesists.

Yann PAITEL, Managing Director of OSIC SAS, has “devised this partnership in order to promote robotic machining solutions worldwide. This partnership will enable us to provide a simple, efficient and reliable solution, bringing us closer to the specific needs of ortho-prosthesists”.

VICTOR is the first robot combining a high machining capacity with ease of use, and this at a budget tailored to meet the needs of both small and large companies.

VICTOR, 7 Axis Robot for O&P (by Rodin4D)

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