Rodin4D acquires Disano Gmbh

As part of its growth strategy, Rodin SAS (Lagarrigue Group) has announced that it has acquired the German company DISANO Gmbh.

For several years, Disano GmbH has distributed the Rodin4D software and service offer in Germany and Eastern Europe.
This acquisition will give Rodin4D a structure to expand its business activities in Germany and Eastern Europe and bring them even closer to their customers.

Disano Gmbh becomes Rodin Gmbh and will be managed by Martin Halemba, former director and founder of Disano Gmbh.

“With Rodin Gmbh, Rodin4D strengthens its position in the German market and consolidates its presence in Europe” said Luc Boronat, Managing Director of Rodin SAS.

Team Rodin4D
Alain Montean (CEO, Lagarrigue Group), Jean-Pierre Mahé (Managing Director, Lagarrigue Group), Silke Halemba, Martin Halemba (Director, Rodin Gmbh), Luc Boronat (Managing Director, Rodin SAS)

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