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Centrum Technische Orthopedie client Rodin4D
Centrum Technische Orthopedie is the largest private orthopaedic company in Belgium. We currently work for all the major university hospitals and rehabcentres all over Belgium.

We were able to try RODIN4D half a year for free, so there was no need for a quick decision. From the beggining it was very important for us to work with a library of our own CTO-models, which was not a problem for RODIN. To get started they helped us creating different measurement-based libraries for various types of our own Bodyjackets, Spinals, AK prosthetics and Helmets. The possibility of inserting jpeg photos from our scoliosis patients was very useful to us.

At first we ordered the carvings at their headquarters near Bordeaux by email. Although there were some hesitations initially due to learning process, we never considered these to be unreasonable and we soon developped a good success rate. We saw results becoming better in short time. Once you get started with RODIN you will notice it is a very user friendly system with lots of possibilities.

RODIN advised us to complete their system with an ABB Robotcarver, so that we could carve our own models in one piece. This Robotcarver is now located in our main office near Gent, and working perfectly. Because of the success of RODIN4D we are already thinking of purchasing a second carving table in the near future.

The time it takes to go from mold to fabrication has been significantly shortened, allowing us to see more patients in our already busy schedules. We are seeing a better fit or our orthoses and prostheses. What more could one whish ?

CTO has been using the RODIN4D system for almost 1+ year and is more than pleased with the system. It gives our company a doorway to the future, and a higher performance rate for our patients.

If you would like additional information, please feel free to contact us !

René Willemsen, orthopaedic technician, CTO
Rikus van der Meulen, orthopaedic technician, CTO

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