Rodin Com

Manage your orders easily: this Client/Server application allows Rodin4D users to make orders to their C-Fab, using R4D CADCAM 3D forms or measurement sheets.

Order management software prosthetics orthotics Rodin Com Rodin4D

Rodin Com software allows Rodin4D users to optimise manufacturing and shipping process and to ensure reliabile communication with your C-Fab.

Rodin Com for Rodin4D users

  • Place your orders using Internet
  • Associate a R4D CADCAM 3D form or a measurement sheet to your order
  • Secure your file transfer
  • Communicate with your C-Fab directly by instant or deferred messaging
  • Avoid mail delivery problems
  • Attribute a delivery address and a desired shipping date to your orders
  • Have a real time on-line follow up of your order
  • Manage the archive of your 3D forms and your measurement sheets

Rodin Com for C-Fabs

  • Establish in a autonomous way the services proposed to the customers
  • Manage the order and profiles of the customers in real time
  • Communicate with the customers by instant or deferred
  • Plan the milling or the manufacturing of the equipments
  • Establish the list of the available transporters
  • Propose personalised measurement sheets.
  • Show or print the list of shipments planned for the day

Order management software Rodin Com Rodin4D

Logiciel de gestion de commandes orthopédie Rodin Com Rodin4D


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